This is a basic sass first tutorial that introduces what sass is and what sass does. Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Smeets. Yes another acronym. So clever!
In fact what sass does is pretty amazing as it gives a web designer the tools to organise and arrange css styles. Sass needs to be installed on your own computer before you can begin to play around with it. The how to install sass page is here. To learn more about sass read here.
The Code School Assembling Sass course could be a great place to start learning sass.
Below are some videos that can help with getting acquainted with the sass preprocessing language.

What is SASS & Why You Should Use it?

What is SASS? SASS is a javascript preprocessor for CSS. It enhances your workflow as a front-end developer by reducing repetition in your coding.

Sass Tutorial for Beginners

Sass tutorial for beginners covers the basic features of Sass and even how to write two mixins by hand (gradients and media queries).

SASS Tutorial

Covers many of the technical capabilities of sass, including mixins and variables.

How to Install Sass using Koala App

How to install the SASS language using a graphic user interface compilation from koala-app. Using the koala-app is easy to compile your SASS file into the CSS file. Basic things you need to know it is only HTML, CSS, and GUI Koala-app.
Some of the basic sass principles are:

Sass logo. Basic Sass First Tutorial.

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