This javascript beginners tutorial introduces the script tags into a HTML5 page. The ‘script’ tags can be placed in either the ‘head’ or ‘body’ of the page. In the code snippet below the opening <script> tag and closing </script> tag are placed on line 8, just above the closing ‘</body>’ on line 9.

First of all we need to add a button to the HTML5 code. To add a button we simply add an opening <button> tag and an closing </button> tag on line 8.

Javascript Beginners Tutorial. A button added to the HTML5 page.
A Button!

First of all the javascript code is added between the ‘script’ tags starting on line 10. We need to select the ‘button’ first. We declare a variable called ‘button’ and use ‘document.querySelector()‘. Inside the brackets we target the css selector “button”. Here is what that looks like on line 10.

A javascript variable is declared with the ‘var‘ keyword. So now we have a variable named ‘button’ which we can now use as an ‘EventTarget’ on line 11. The ‘button’ element is chained to an ‘addEventListener()’ method. Inside the brackets we add a ‘type’ and a ‘listener’. The type is “click”. The listener is an anonymous function(){}.

Inside the function on line 12 is the action that is triggered when the button is pressed. In this example the page will change colour from white to violet.

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