Webpages are linked due to hyperlinks. A fundamental building block in web design is the hyperlink. Therefore it is important to understand hyperlinks. A HTML5 Hyperlink Example is created using the HTML5 ‘<a> tag.

First of all the ‘<a>‘ tag is used to create a hyperlink.
Also the ‘&alt;a>‘ tag will require the ‘href‘ attribute.
href=”Hyperlink destination address here!”.

HTML5 Hyperlink Example
A HTML5 Hyperlink Example.

Also notice the opening tag and closing tag. The text for a link belongs between the opening and closing tags, (‘<a></a>).

HTML5 Hyperlink Example

Activate a hyperlink by either clicking or tapping on the linked text. Hyperlinks are found in almost all webpages. Because it only requires one attribute the hyperlink is easy to create. Here is a hyperlink.

A hyperlink links one webpage to another. Hyperlinks make the internet tick. Without hyperlinks the internet would be less than ideal. HTML5 also makes creating hyperlinks easy. Simply use the ‘a’ tag with a ‘href’ attribute, (‘<a href=””>).

In addition to an opening ‘a’ tag remember the closing ‘</a> tag is also required, (‘<a href=””></a>).

The ‘<a>‘ tag is therefore different to the ‘<img>‘ tag. The ‘<img>‘ tag does not have a closing tag, <img src=””>. With familiarity the syntax becomes understandable.

Anchor tags

An anchor tag links to another page within a website. An anchor tag can also link to another section within a web page. Hyperlinks have a target and so do anchor tags. The hyperlink href contains a ‘url‘. The anchor tag also contains a ‘url‘ that is unique. An anchor tag is unique while it links to a location within the same website. In conclusion it is the ‘<a>‘ tag that is used for links. In conclusion this is the only element you need to learn while creating hyperlinks or anchor links.
Here is another article about using the <a> tag in HTML5.

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